Saturday, August 29, 2009

Swan Lake Outfits

The Grandparents said that they like the pictures at least of the Swan Lake outfits. I will put them in the mail tomorrow, as the grandparents have been out of town. It was a fun challenge and I certainly hope they work for the girls. Their grand daughters are two super cute 4-year-olds. I liked using horsehair braid for the bottom of the short tu tu, although it doesn't give the complete circle wire rings do. Maybe in the future, I'll experiment with boning as I had originally thought. The braid is something I could see using often if I can find it at a good price. By the yard at JoAnns, it was $1.49, but I know that has it for 26 cents in big packages. I noticed that it also came in lots of other colors when I was at Britex, so will check on that too.

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