Monday, August 17, 2009

Design Decisions

I love to sew my own designs. I sometimes use patterns as a guide, but often diverge a long way from the intended design. Most often though, I find I get inspired by a picture I've seen, something I've seen while out and about or the fabric "talks to me". All of this jumble of information stews in my brain and somehow comes together into a design I want to make. Now, actually getting that mental picture into something real and functional is another thing altogether! Right now, I'm making Swan Lake costumes for two little girls in California. Their grandparents have ordered them. They want them to be pretty true to the ballet and to have both the long and the short skirt. I've been researching on-line and have discovered that the short tu tus have a wire rim to keep them circular, and that in the brial scene, they sometimes wear wristlet type gloves. I've got the long skirts done, have the white sparkle leotards cut out, have feather and silver trim and am working on the short tu tus. I plan an overlay of sheer white fabric I have with silver sparkles all over it. I cut out one set and trimmed the outer circle with silver glitter fabric paint, but I'm not sure I like that. Next, I might try a self ruffle on the outer edge. As I struggle to make these outfits look wonderful, I do need to keep in mind that I'm trying to get the look of a $500.oo costume for $60.00. I'll post pictures when finished.

I'm also thinking of several ideas for using old jeans. currently, I have a bag made from woven jeans seams, a skirt from the leg panels and a tu tu using the waistband of the jeans. I have cut out an apron, using the back pocket and leg as a center panel. some tote bags, a little girl's skirt, and a skirt for a woman using the top part of the jeans with ruffles for the rest. I have one pair of jeans that just need patches for a 60's look and one pair I'm trying to design with bleach on cookie cutters. I NEED MORE TIME!

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