Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My scathingly brilliant idea

Whenever I use that statement with my friends, family and colleagues, they know that my idea will be off the wall and most likely unworkable, but it will have some flashes of good ideas.
Like many others, I've been sickened and disgusted over the actions of the so-called leaders of many of our corporations. Then I read two of Barbara Ehrenreich's books. they are NICKEL AND DIMED: and THIS LAND IS THEIR LAND. As I've pondered her writings, I wondered if using her experience from the first book as an idea for punishment for these criminals wouldn't be a good idea.
If we put these criminals in jail, then we all pay twice for their care and handling. In addition, they have all sorts of "rights" that most of the people they wronged do not have, including health care and leisure time, in their nicer than average prisons. Plus, when they get out, they still have all of the resources they managed to hide away.
How about taking everything away from them and putting them to work changing bedpans, mucking out sewer systems and so on for minimum wage or even less? They would have to find their own place to live, get food and health care all out of that wage they formerly fought so hard to keep low. We wouldn't be taking away any of their rights, because so much of America already lives like this on a daily basis. Of course, they would still have advantages because they got good health care and education for all the previous years, and most have had a pleasant life. Nothing else seems to work with these people. Maybe at least one or two would get a clue if they had to live the life of the people they have wronged so long.

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